When it comes to fashion, overalls are a timeless piece that offer endless styling opportunities. Whether you’re looking for an edgy everyday look or something unique for special occasions, overalls can work with any style and should always be part of your wardrobe. The only question is what shoes do you wear with them: from sneakers to heels, there are plenty of options when it comes to finding the perfect pair.

Here, we will be exploring what shoes to wear with overalls so that you can put together stylish looks no matter the occasion!

15 Shoes That Go Perfectly With Overalls:


Sneakers are a great shoe choice for overalls. You can go for a classic canvas sneaker in any color, or if you want to make more of a fashion statement, try out some chunky sneakers with a bright pattern. The styling possibilities are endless.

Slip Ons:

Slip ons offer a comfortable way to style your overalls and look stylish at the same time. Go for a classic espadrille or choose something with a unique pattern, like checkered slip ons for an even bolder look.

Chelsea Boots:

Chelsea boots are a classic shoe that looks amazing with overalls. The sleek silhouette is sure to make your outfit look put together and stylish. They also come in a wide variety of colors and materials, so you’re sure to find something that suits your style.

Ankle Boots:

Ankle boots are the perfect way to dress up a casual outfit and make it look more put together. Go for some classic black ankle boots or choose something with an interesting texture, like suede or snake skin.


Sandals are a great way to keep your overalls looking casual, while still making them look stylish. The best part about sandals is that they come in all sorts of styles, so you can find something to fit any outfit.


Mules are a great compromise between heels and flats. They offer a bit of lift while still keeping your overalls looking casual and chic. Choose from different colors and materials for the perfect look for you.


Slides are a great way to make your overalls look effortless and cool. Go for something that stands out, like a pair of metallic slides for a more daring look. Or if you want to keep things classic, go for some black slides with a low heel.


Oxfords are a great way to add a touch of preppy style to your overalls. It’s worth the effort to find a pair that fits you perfectly, as this will make all the difference in how your overalls look.

Ballet Flats:

Ballet flats are a great way to keep your overalls looking feminine yet sophisticated. Choose a pair in a neutral color for a timeless look, or go for something more eye catching with some patterns or textures.


Wedges are an ideal shoe to wear with overalls if you want to add a bit of height without compromising on comfort. They come in so many different styles now, from classic espadrilles to bold patterned wedges, so you can find something to fit any outfit.


Platforms are the perfect way to add some extra height while still keeping your overalls looking casual and comfortable. For a classic look, go for some all white platforms. Or if you want something a bit more daring, try out some bright colored or patterned platforms.

Cowboy Boots:

Cowboy boots offer a great way to make your overalls look stylish and on trend. This is a great shoe choice if you want to make a fashion statement, but still keep your overalls looking casual.

Combat Boots:

Combat boots are the perfect way to create an edgy look with your overalls. It’s worth investing in a good pair, as this will ensure your overalls look stylish and comfortable. The best part about combat boots is that they come in so many different styles, so you can find something to fit any outfit.

Kitten Heels:

For a more feminine look, kitten heels are the perfect way to make your overalls look stylish and sophisticated. This is a great option if you don’t like wearing high heels, but still want to add a bit of height and sophistication.


Loafers are a great way to create an effortless, yet stylish look with your overalls. They come in so many different styles now, from classic penny loafers to statement making embroidered loafers. They’re the perfect balance between comfort and style.

Style Tips for Wearing Shoes with Overalls:

When it comes to styling overalls, it’s important to pay attention to the details so that your look stands out. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your outfit:

Choose Shoes that Match:

You want to make sure that your overalls and shoes fit together. If you’re wearing a neutral colored pair of overalls, don’t be afraid to choose a bright colored or patterned shoe for a bold look.

Keep it Minimal:

While there are endless possibilities for styling with overalls, sometimes the most impactful looks are the simplest ones. Try pairing your overalls with a classic black or white sneaker for a timeless look.

Be Creative:

Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with different combinations! With the right shoes, you can make any pair of overalls look amazing.


Don’t forget to add the finishing touches with accessories. A hat, sunglasses or a belt are great ways to accessorize your overalls and give them an extra edge.


By now, you should have more than enough of an understanding on what kind of shoes to wear with your overalls and why. For those who want to really stand out in their clothing choices, experimentation is key! Play around with the combination of colors and styles to find what looks best for you.

Whether it’s a trendy sneaker, a bold stiletto or even a chunky boot they can all be combined with overalls to create an effortless and unique look that will catch everyone’s attention. So don’t be afraid to give it a try, chances are you’ll surprise yourself and make a statement like never before!

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