Making a great fashion statement doesn’t have to be hard. You can make an entrance with just the right combination of colors and accessories, and one of the most crucial elements is pairing the perfect color of shoes with your lavender dress.

But while finding that perfect match might seem complicated at first, it’s actually pretty easy once you know what works best together. Let’s find out on how to pick shoes for your elegant lavender dress so you can look fabulous!

Lavender And Its Complementary Colors:

Complementary colors create contrast, making each color stand out. While lavender’s direct complementary color is a soft shade of yellow, other harmonious colors include:

Mint Green:

Mint Green is a pale tint of green, reminiscent of fresh mint leaves. Its pastel nature aligns perfectly with the softness of lavender. The cool undertones of both colors mirror each other, creating a refreshing and harmonious palette that’s pleasing to the eye. Together, they evoke feelings of a fresh spring garden.

Styling Tip:

A lavender dress with mint green accessories, or vice versa, can be a stunning ensemble for daytime events.

Soft Peach:

Soft Peach is a pale, muted shade of orange-pink, embodying the gentle warmth of a peach fruit. Soft Peach offers a warm contrast to lavender’s cool undertones. The combination creates a balanced look, reminiscent of a blossoming orchard under a dusky sky.

Styling Tip:

Pairing a lavender blouse with soft peach trousers or skirts can create an ethereal and chic daytime look. Add some gold accessories for added warmth.

Pale Blue:

Pale Blue is a soft shade of blue, echoing clear skies and tranquil waters. Both lavender and pale blue belong to the cooler spectrum of the color wheel. When paired, they exude calmness and serenity, with a touch of whimsy.

Styling Tip:

Consider wearing a lavender jacket or cardigan over a pale blue dress. Silver or platinum jewelry can accentuate this icy, cool combination.

Matching Shoes with Lavender Dresses - The Classic Choices:

Nude or Beige:

These are neutral shades that can vary from pale cream tones to deeper taupe or tan. The neutrality of beige or nude doesn’t compete with lavender but provides a seamless transition, especially if you want to elongate your legs and keep the focus on the dress.

Styling Tip:

For daytime or casual events, opt for nude ballet flats or sandals. For more formal settings, a nude heel or pump works wonders.

Silver or Metallic Grey:

Reflective and shimmering, these colors can add a touch of glam. Silver and metallic grey complement the cool undertones of lavender, adding a touch of luxury and sparkle.

Styling Tip: This choice is perfect for evening events or parties. Consider strappy silver heels or metallic grey wedges. The sheen can be mirrored in accessories like a clutch or jewelry.


Pure and pristine, white is a universal shade. White offers a crisp contrast to lavender, creating a fresh and clean look.

Styling Tip:

White sneakers can give a modern, street-style edge to a casual lavender dress. For a more refined look, white heels or sandals can be a great choice.

Soft Pink:

This is a pastel, almost blush-like shade, that exudes femininity. Soft pink and lavender together create a romantic and harmonious palette, both being soft and gentle tones.

Styling Tip:

Soft pink pumps or block heels can lend a delicate touch to your lavender ensemble. It’s an ideal pairing for events like weddings or garden parties.


Timeless and versatile, black is a staple in the fashion world. Black offers a striking contrast to the softness of lavender, grounding the look and adding a touch of sophistication.

Styling Tip:

Black ankle boots can add an edgy twist to a casual lavender dress. For formal settings, sleek black stilettos or pointed-toe shoes can be a classic choice.

Experimenting with Color - Bold Choices for Lavender Dresses:

If you’re looking to make a statement and step outside the conventional, pairing a lavender dress with bold shoe colors can be both daring and fashion-forward. Here’s a breakdown of some bold shoe choices:

Deep Purple or Plum:

These are richer, darker shades within the purple family. Choosing a deeper shade from the same color family creates a monochromatic look, adding depth and intensity to the ensemble.

Styling Tip:

For an elegant evening look, pair your lavender dress with plum velvet heels. This gives texture and a luxurious feel to the outfit.


A metallic shade that shines with opulence and luxury. Gold introduces warmth and richness, creating a regal contrast with the cool and subtle hue of lavender.

Styling Tip:

Gold strappy sandals or pumps can elevate a lavender dress, making it apt for festive occasions or parties. Complement with gold jewelry for added cohesion.

Teal or Turquoise:

Vivid shades that evoke tropical waters and gemstones. These blue-green shades offer a unique and vibrant contrast to lavender, making the combination unexpected yet harmonious.

Styling Tip:

Teal ankle boots or turquoise mules can be a refreshing twist to a semi-formal lavender outfit. Consider matching your shoes with a similar-hued clutch or earrings.

Bold Reds or Corals:

Fiery and intense, these shades exude passion and energy. Reds and corals provide a warm contrast to lavender’s coolness, striking a balance that’s both dynamic and balanced.

Styling Tip:

Red stilettos or coral block heels can introduce a pop of color to a muted lavender dress. If you’re feeling particularly bold, add a matching red lip for a cohesive look.

Styling Tips - Accessories to Match Your Lavender Dress and Shoes:

Accessorizing can elevate your ensemble from simple to sophisticated, or from understated to unforgettable. Here are some styling tips and accessory ideas to perfectly complement your lavender dress and shoes:


Opt for gems like amethysts or moonstones, which naturally echo the lavender tones. Silver and white gold jewelry can maintain the cool undertones of the dress.


A beaded clutch or metallic sling bag can add texture and interest. For daytime events, consider a white or beige tote.


Metallic belts, or even ones in braided leather or with bold buckles, can break the monotony and cinch the waist.

Hats And Hair Accessories:

Wide-brimmed hats for day events or jeweled hairpins for evening occasions can further accentuate the look.

Scarves And Shawls:

A silk scarf with floral patterns or a solid-colored shawl can be draped elegantly to enhance the ensemble.


When it comes to what color shoes go with a lavender dress, there are plenty of possibilities. From classic black heels to bold and bright statement shoes, you can create a look that will make you stand out from the crowd no matter the occasion. If you’re looking to be stylish and elegant, any shade of nude or gold will pair beautifully with your lavender dress.

There are a variety of options available so whatever style you’re feeling confident in on the day is sure to look amazing! And remember: fashion is about expressing yourself however you feel. So wear whatever makes you happy and rock it proudly!

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