For most of us, strappy heels are both a fashion statement and a necessity. I’ve always been a massive fan of strappy heels, but the one thing that has kept me from wearing them more often is their lack of comfort! I recently had an important event, so I decided to try out some new techniques for making strappy heels comfortable. 

After hours of experimenting with various methods and materials, I finally stumbled upon the perfect mix that allowed my feet to stay well-supported all night long. Here, I will reveal several simple tricks for making your strappy heels much more comfortable, whether for a special occasion or everyday wear!

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Make Your Strappy Heels More Comfortable?

I embarked on a quest to find ways to make strappy heels more comfortable. Here’s what I found:

Step 1- Choose the Right Size:

Start with the basics. Wearing the correct size is non-negotiable. I once made the mistake of squeezing into a pair that was half a size too small, and by the end of the evening, I regretted every step. Learn from my blunder and ensure a proper fit.

Step 2- Invest in Cushioned Insoles:

This step is a lifesaver. Gel or foam insoles can transform your strappy heels from instruments of torture to clouds for your feet. I slipped in a pair before attending an event; the added support made a difference.

Step 3- Moisturize Your Feet:

Dry skin and strappy heels are a disastrous combo. Take a moment to pamper your feet with a good moisturizer before slipping them into those beautiful shoes. Soft, supple skin is less prone to friction and discomfort.

Step 4- Break Them In Gradually:

Don’t make the same mistake I did by saving your strappy heels for a special occasion. Wear them around the house or during short outings to let them mold to your feet. Trust me, your feet will thank you later.

Step 5- Use Anti-Chafing Products:

Combat friction by applying anti-chafing balm on areas where the straps might rub against your skin. This simple trick can prevent painful blisters and keep your feet happy throughout the day or night.

Step 6- Opt for Stretchy Straps:

Go for strappy heels with some elasticity in the straps. This provides flexibility and reduces strain on your feet. I learned this lesson when I wore a pair with rigid straps, and my feet paid the price.

Step 7- Practice Walking Gracefully:

Strappy heels often require a different walking technique. Stand before a mirror and practice your strut to avoid awkward moments. Trust me; it’s worth the effort for both comfort and confidence.

Step 8- Emergency Kit Essentials:

Be prepared with a small kit containing blister cushions or band-aids for more extended events. I’ve had to rescue my feet more than once, and having these essentials on hand can make all the difference.

With these steps, I’ve turned my strappy heel struggles into triumphs. Now, go ahead and strut your stuff with confidence and comfort!

Do’s and Don’ts When Wearing Strappy Heels:

Based on my experience, here are some do’s and don’ts when wearing strappy heels:


  • One of my biggest mistakes was wearing a brand-new pair of strappy heels to an event without breaking them in first. The result was a night filled with discomfort and blisters. Always remember to break in your new heels before a big event. Wear them around the house with a pair of thick socks to help them stretch and conform to your feet.
  • Shoe inserts are a godsend. They provide that extra padding and support, which can make a difference in your comfort level.
  • It might seem obvious, but choosing the right size is crucial. I once bought a pair of heels half a size too small because they were on sale, and I loved them. Big mistake. My feet were squished and uncomfortable all night. Always prioritize fit over style.


  • If your feet are hurting, take a break and give them some rest. Ignoring the pain can lead to long-term damage.
  • Heels are not designed for prolonged wear. Try to alternate between flats and heels throughout the day to give your feet a break.
  • Remember to care for your feet. After a long day in heels, treat your feet to a nice soak or massage. It helps to relieve tension and keep your feet healthy.

Top Products to Help Make Your Strappy Heels More Comfortable:

My top picks are inspired by a night that started with glamour and ended in foot agony.

Foot Petals Killer Kushionz:

These cushion inserts are an absolute game-changer. I vividly remember a gala where my strappy heels, though gorgeous, left me limping by the end of the night. Foot Petals Killer Kushionz slipped discreetly into my shoes, which would have saved me from that pain.

Moleskin Padding:

Moleskin is a miracle worker when it comes to preventing blisters. After a day at a conference where I made the mistake of wearing brand-new strappy heels, moleskin padding would have been my salvation. Apply it to areas prone to rubbing, and you’ll dance the night away blister-free.

Dr. Scholl’s Stylish Step High Heel Relief Insoles:

Dr. Scholl’s has a winner with these high-heeled relief insoles. I’ve worn them to weddings, work events, you name it. They provide targeted cushioning and arch support, making even the highest heels comfortable.

Body Glide Anti-Chafe Balm:

Friction can ruin any fabulous evening. After a beach wedding where my strappy sandals caused some severe chafing, I discovered Body Glide. Apply it to areas where the straps might rub against your skin, and you’ll glide through the night without discomfort.

Heel Grips:

If your strappy heels tend to slip or cause discomfort at the back, heel grips are a simple yet effective solution. I wish I had known about these during a work seminar where I constantly adjusted my heels.

Silicone Ball of Foot Cushions:

Silicone cushions are a savior for strappy heels that put extra pressure on the ball of your foot. I started using these after a date night, which turned into a painful ordeal. Now, they’re a must for any heeled shoe adventure.

Solemates Blister Blocker Anti-Friction Balm:

Another anti-friction gem, Solemates Blister Blocker, is a go-to for me. I regretted not having it during a summer rooftop party where my strappy sandals turned my evening into a blistered disaster.

Foldable Flats:

Sometimes, the best solution is a quick switch. I’ve learned my lesson from a wedding where my strappy heels seemed perfect until the dancing began. Now, I keep a pair of foldable flats in my bag for a stylish and comfortable backup plan.

These products have saved me from strappy heel disasters, and I hope they do the same for you. Here’s to stepping out in style and comfort!


After considering all these tips and tricks, I hope you are fully prepared to make your strappy heels more comfortable. Although the situation may not always be ideal, there are plenty of solutions to help you embrace your style and still enjoy an extra boost in height. When dealing with uncomfortable shoes, I have learned from experience that the best thing I can do is try different options until one works. This process is often a trial-and-error exercise, but my experiments have taught me a lot about how to avoid similar problems in the future. Always ensure your feet are well taken care of by implementing the suitable measures; your feet will thank you later!

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