You may be surprised to know that many of the shoes we wear daily are made in factories worldwide, and we need to understand their journey to make informed decisions about what kind of products we should purchase.

Today, we’ll look at one particular shoe brand: Arkget Shoes. We have all the answers here so you can decide why Arkget Shoes should have a place in your wardrobe.

Since its inception in 2015, Arkget shoes have quickly become a sought-after brand in Turkey and several international markets. Founded in the vibrant city of Istanbul, the brand’s strategic location has allowed it to tap into the rich history of shoemaking traditions in the region while also accessing the bustling fashion scene of the city. Over the years, Arkget’s combination of tradition and modernity has carved out a unique niche in the footwear industry.

Many attribute the success of Arkget to its commitment to quality and a deep understanding of global fashion trends. The brand often draws inspiration from the rich Turkish culture, ensuring that every pair has a story to tell.

The Manufacturing Process: How Arkget Shoes Are Made?

The journey of an Arkget shoe from an idea to a tangible product is intricate, underscoring the brand’s dedication to excellence.


At the heart of Arkget’s operations is its design team, a group of talented individuals constantly attuned to the latest global fashion trends. They blend this knowledge with traditional Turkish elements to craft contemporary yet timeless designs. Each design undergoes rigorous testing and iterations, ensuring it looks good and is ergonomically sound.


The leather is chosen for its premium quality and is then meticulously cut using modern techniques and tools. This stage is crucial, as precision at this step sets the tone for the final product. The brand ensures minimal wastage, in line with its sustainable practices.


The expertise of Arkget’s artisans comes to the fore during the stitching process. Each shoe is a testament to these artisans' skill and years of experience. Using advanced sewing machines coupled with manual techniques passed down through generations; they ensure that each shoe offers durability and comfort.


The finishing touches to an Arkget shoe can be likened to the final strokes of a painter on a masterpiece. It’s here that the shoe truly comes to life. Every detail matters, whether the sole’s robustness, the laces' elegance, or the sheen on the leather. The shoes are inspected for imperfections, ensuring that what reaches the customer is perfection.

Quality Control And Sustainability In Arkget’s Production Line:

Every production line stage is subjected to meticulous checks to ensure the finished product aligns with the brand’s commitment to excellence.

Material Inspection:

Before production, materials from around the world are thoroughly inspected. Only top-grade leather, textiles, and other components are approved for use.

Process Monitoring:

Experienced supervisors are stationed at every stage of the production process, from cutting to finishing. Their keen eyes catch any minor discrepancies, ensuring the shoes are consistent in quality and design.

Final Product Assessment:

Once the shoes are assembled, they undergo a final round of quality checks. This includes wear tests, visual inspections, and stress tests to ensure durability.

Exploring The Unique Features of Arkget Shoes:

Blend of Tradition And Modernity:

One of Arkget’s standout features is its ability to marry traditional Turkish shoemaking techniques with modern, global fashion sensibilities. This results in shoes that are both timeless and trendy.

Comfort First:

While style is paramount, Arkget never compromises on comfort. Advanced ergonomic designs ensure that wearers enjoy optimal support and cushioning.


Arkget’s collection spans a wide range from formal shoes suitable for boardrooms to casual wear for weekend outings, ensuring something for every occasion.

Innovative Materials:

Always at the forefront of innovation, Arkget often incorporates materials not typically found in footwear. This could be a unique textile from a remote part of the world or a new synthetic blend that offers enhanced durability.

Affordable Luxury:

Despite the premium quality, Arkget shoes are priced competitively, offering customers luxury without the hefty price tag.

Labor And Craftsmanship: The People Behind Arkget Shoes

The Craftsmen:

The true soul of Arkget lies in its artisans. These are individuals who’ve often dedicated their lives to the art of shoemaking. Many come from families where the craft has been passed down through generations, allowing the brand to benefit from a rich tapestry of skills and knowledge.

Expertise And Training:

While innate talent plays a role, Arkget ensures its artisans receive regular training, keeping them updated with the latest techniques and technologies. This combination of age-old wisdom and modern know-how ensures every shoe is a masterpiece.


Arkget’s artisans aren’t just employees; they’re passionate artisans. Each stitch and cut is made with care and dedication, reflecting their deep connection with the craft.


Recognizing the value these craftsmen bring, Arkget empowers them with decision-making capabilities. If an artisan believes there’s a better way to approach a design or a process, their voice is heard and often implemented.

Support Staff:

Beyond the artisans, Arkget’s production line also comprises a team of support staff. From quality control experts to logistics professionals, these individuals ensure the smooth operation of the production line and timely delivery to customers globally.

The Impact of Arkget’s Manufacturing Location on Shoe Quality And Price:


Istanbul, Turkey, is known for its rich history, especially in textiles and shoemaking. This deep-rooted tradition provides Arkget with access to:

Skilled Artisans:

As mentioned, many artisans in Istanbul have inherited their skills from previous generations, ensuring authentic and high-quality craftsmanship.

Quality Materials:

Turkey’s strategic location as a bridge between the East and West means that Arkget can quickly source the best materials from both regions.

Innovative Techniques:

Istanbul’s bustling fashion scene exposes Arkget to a blend of Eastern and Western design philosophies and techniques, allowing them to be at the forefront of innovation.


Manufacturing in Turkey provides Arkget with several advantages when it comes to pricing:

Cost-effective Labor:

While wages in Turkey are competitive, they are often lower than in Western European countries, allowing Arkget to balance fair labor practices and cost efficiency.

Local Materials:

Access to local, high-quality materials reduces import costs, thereby keeping production costs in check.

Strategic Location:

Istanbul’s location reduces shipping costs and times to European and Asian markets, ensuring timely deliveries without excessive shipping charges.


Arkget shoes are designed and manufactured with innovation, quality, and sustainability. Shopping locally from your trusted store ensures you get a long-lasting product at a competitive price for maximum value. As more people invest in locally produced products or ones with a minimal environmental impact, Arkget provides the perfect choice to balance your fashion needs and ecological sensibilities.

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