If you’ve already experienced foot fungus, you must be aware of how important it is to disinfect your shoes and prevent the fungal infection from coming back. Do you know how you can disinfect your shoes? What are the measures that you need to take to ensure complete disinfection?

As someone who has unfortunately dealt with athletes' feet, I am very confident in my approach, which I have developed after spending hours researching and attempting several trials and errors. This approach has been my holy grail, and I want to share it with you.

I will share some essential tips, from applying an antifungal cream or spray, using specific cleaning agents, and purchasing antimicrobial shoe inserts. These steps will give you all the knowledge needed to protect against and treat the dreaded Athlete’s Foot!

Step-by-Step Guide to Disinfecting Shoes from Athlete’s Foot:

After dealing with an athlete’s foot, I realized the importance of disinfecting shoes. I followed a step-by-step process to disinfect my boots effectively.

Step 1- Preparing the Shoes:

First, I removed the insoles and laces from my shoes. This allowed better access to all shoe parts during the cleaning process. I also shook out any debris and dust from inside the shoes.

Step 2- Choosing the Right Disinfectant:

I learned that not all disinfectants are suitable for shoes. I chose an antifungal spray specifically designed for footwear. It was essential to ensure it wouldn’t damage the shoe material.

Step 3- Applying the Disinfectant:

I thoroughly sprayed the inside of each shoe, paying particular attention to the toe area and insole, as these are familiar places for fungi to thrive. I followed the instructions on the disinfectant label regarding application and drying time.

Step 4- Drying the shoes:

After applying the disinfectant, I placed my shoes in a well-ventilated area to dry completely. This was crucial, as moisture can promote fungal growth. I avoided direct sunlight or heat sources that could damage the shoes.

Step 5- Treating the Insoles:

For the insoles, I used the same antifungal spray. If they were mainly worn or smelly, I considered replacing them with new ones, which could help prevent future infections.

Step 6- Maintaining Shoe Hygiene:

To prevent future occurrences, I started practicing better shoe hygiene. This included rotating my shoes to allow them to air out between wears and using foot powder to keep my feet dry.

Disinfecting my shoes was a crucial step in dealing with athletes' feet. It helped in the recovery process and taught me the importance of regular shoe maintenance to prevent similar issues in the future.

Embracing Household Solutions - DIY Methods for Shoe Disinfection:

Throughout the journey, I explored various DIY shoe disinfection methods, which were cost-effective and easy to implement.

Using Vinegar Solution:

I learned that vinegar has natural disinfectant properties. So, I mixed equal parts of water and white vinegar in a spray bottle. I sprayed the inside of my shoes thoroughly and let them air dry. The vinegar smell was strong initially, but it dissipated as the boots dried.

Baking Soda for Deodorizing:

I sprinkled baking soda inside my shoes to tackle any odors and further disinfect them. I left it overnight and then tapped out the excess in the morning. This helped with the smell and dried out any lingering moisture.

Freezing the Shoes:

Someone suggested freezing the shoes to kill fungi and bacteria. I was skeptical, but I tried it. I placed my shoes in a plastic bag and left them in the freezer overnight. The next day, I let them thaw and air out. While it was unconventional, it helped.

Essential Oils:

I added a few drops of tea tree oil to the vinegar solution for further disinfection effects and a pleasant smell. The antifungal qualities of tea tree oil give the shoes a crisp, clean smell.

These DIY methods helped disinfect my shoes from the athlete’s foot and introduced me to simple, cost-effective ways to maintain shoe hygiene. 

Commercial Solutions for Shoe Disinfection Against Athlete’s Foot:

While DIY methods have their place, I explored commercial solutions for a more robust approach.

Antifungal Sprays:

My first step was purchasing an antifungal spray specifically designed for shoes. I chose one that promised to kill fungi and deodorize without damaging the shoe material. Following the instructions, I sprayed it inside my shoes, focusing on the toe area and soles, where fungi thrive. 

UV Shoe Sanitizers:

I came across UV shoe sanitizers, which use ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and fungi. Intrigued by the technology, I invested in one. It was a simple process: just place the UV light device inside the shoes and let it run for the recommended time. I found this method effective and appreciated that it didn’t involve any chemicals.

Medicated Powders:

To complement the spraying, I used a medicated powder targeting fungi. Before putting on my shoes, I would sprinkle the powder inside, especially when I knew I’d be wearing them for long periods. This helped keep my feet dry and added extra protection against fungi.

Disposable Shoe Inserts:

For added convenience, I also tried disposable antifungal shoe inserts. These were infused with antifungal agents and could be easily placed inside any shoe. I used them particularly in my workout shoes, replacing them regularly. They were a simple and effective solution for maintaining a fungus-free environment in my footwear.

Maintaining Shoes Post-Disinfection to Prevent Athlete’s Foot Recurrence:

After successfully treating and disinfecting my shoes from the athlete’s foot, I realized that maintenance and prevention were crucial to avoid a recurrence. I implemented several strategies to keep my feet and shoes healthy.

  • I continued to use the antifungal spray on my shoes, especially after wearing them all day. This became a routine part of my shoe care.
  • After wearing my shoes, I habitually let them air in a well-ventilated area. This helped reduce moisture buildup, a breeding ground for fungi.
  • I started regularly rotating my shoes to ensure ample time to dry out between wears. This not only helped with athlete’s foot prevention but also prolonged the life of my shoes.
  • I used moisture-absorbing inserts in my shoes, especially when I knew I’d be active. These helped in keeping the inside of my boots dry.

Preventing Athlete’s Foot Recurrence - Key Tips and Strategies:

Through research and personal trial and error, I’ve established a set of strategies that have been effective in preventing a recurrence.

  • Keeping my feet clean and dry became a top priority. After showers or exercise, I thoroughly dry my feet, especially between the toes.
  • I started using antifungal foot powders regularly. This was particularly useful in keeping my feet dry and reducing the risk of fungal growth.
  • I switched to socks made of moisture-wicking materials. These helped in keeping my feet dry throughout the day.
  • I became more cautious about walking barefoot in public areas like gym showers and locker rooms. I started wearing flip-flops in these areas to minimize direct contact with surfaces.
  • I also made a point of cleaning my shoes regularly, not just disinfecting them. This helped in removing any dirt or debris that could harbor fungi.


Learning how to disinfect shoes from an athlete’s foot does not have to be a daunting task. Taking the initiative in using the proper footwear and techniques, it is possible to limit and, in some cases, even prevent episodes of athlete’s foot. Through my own experience with the condition, I have learned that prevention is much better than dealing with a potentially bothersome issue later on. With this knowledge, I am happy to share what I learned to eliminate any need for future issues or experiences related to an athlete’s foot.

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