Regarding shoes for lifting, Nike Court Royale sneakers are often considered on the list. After researching these famous kicks, I decided to try them. I bought my first pair about 2 weeks ago, and I love how they perform during my lifting sessions. 

As someone who has always struggled with lower back pain while weightlifting, the extra cushioning provided by the comfortable sole made all the difference when it came to ensuring that I didn’t injure myself. Here, I will give an overview of my experience wearing them and some tips on how their features can help improve your lifts and reduce potential discomfort. 

The Anatomy of Nike Court Royale - Key Features Beneficial for Lifting:

I’ve found the Nike Court Royale to offer some beneficial features for lifting. Here’s a breakdown of its key features and how they align with the demands of weightlifting:

Flat Sole Design:

The Nike Court Royale has a relatively flat sole, ideal for lifting. A flat sole provides a stable surface for heavy lifting, especially for squats and deadlifts. This feature has helped me maintain proper form and balance.

Solid Traction:

Good traction is crucial for safety in the gym, particularly on smooth surfaces. The Court Royale’s outsole offers a solid grip, which I found reassuring when moving around the gym and during dynamic exercises.

Comfort And Cushioning:

While some lifters prefer minimal cushioning, the Court Royale offers moderate cushioning, which balances comfort and feel for the ground. For long training sessions, this added comfort helped reduce foot fatigue.


The durable construction of the Nike Court Royale is a significant advantage. When I used these shoes, they endured the rigors of regular lifting sessions without considerable wear and tear, making them a reliable choice.

Aesthetic Appeal:

Beyond functionality, these shoes have a classic, versatile design. I appreciated transitioning from the gym to casual settings without changing footwear.

The Nike Court Royale offers several features that are beneficial for lifting. Their versatility and comfort make them a good option for general fitness enthusiasts like myself who engage in various training activities, including weightlifting.

Comparative Analysis - Nike Court Royale Versus Other Weightlifting Shoes:

Here’s how the Nike Court Royale stacks up against other dedicated weightlifting shoes:

Sole Composition

Nike Court Royale:

These shoes have flat soles, which I found beneficial for deadlifts and squats, as they provide a stable base. However, the cushioning is more pronounced than in specialized weightlifting shoes.

Dedicated Weightlifting Shoes:

Typically, they have skinny, stiff soles, often with minimal to no cushioning. This design maximizes stability and force transfer, which helps in lifting heavier weights more efficiently.

Heel Height:

Nike Court Royale:

They feature flat heels suitable for general lifting but need more elevated ones in specialized shoes. I realized this limits their effectiveness in certain lifts, especially ones requiring deep ankle flexion like Olympic lifts.

Dedicated Weightlifting Shoes:

They often have an elevated heel. This design element improves ankle mobility and posture during lifts. In my experience, this heel elevation made a significant difference in my squat depth and overall form.

Traction And Grip:

Nike Court Royale:

The traction is adequate for general gym use. It provides a reliable grip on gym floors but is less aggressive than dedicated weightlifting shoes.

Dedicated Weightlifting Shoes:

They typically have a superior grip to prevent sliding or movement during heavy lifts. This aspect was particularly noticeable and beneficial during high-intensity training sessions.


Nike Court Royale:

Their more casual, versatile design can also be worn outside the gym. I frequently used them for everyday wear and light training sessions.

Dedicated Weightlifting Shoes:

They are specifically designed for lifting and unsuitable for other training or casual wear types. Their specialized nature means I reserved them only for serious lifting sessions.

Fit And Comfort:

Nike Court Royale:

These shoes offer more cushioning, making them more comfortable for more extended wear, though this can detract from the direct ground feel needed in lifting.

Dedicated Weightlifting Shoes:

They often have a snug, more constrictive fit to ensure foot stability. While excellent for lifting, they can be less comfortable for extended periods.

While the Nike Court Royale is a good, versatile shoe for general fitness activities and casual lifting, it does not match the specialized performance of dedicated weightlifting shoes. The choice between these types depends on your specific training needs and whether you prioritize versatility or technical function.

Professional Opinions: What Fitness Trainers Say About Lifting in Nike Court Royale?

I’ve spoken with several fitness trainers about using Nike Court Royale shoes for lifting. Here’s a summary of their perspectives:

Stability And Flat Soles:

Many trainers emphasize the importance of a stable, flat sole for lifting, which the Court Royale provides. This design helps maintain balance and proper form during squats and deadlifts.


The Court Royale’s cushioning receives mixed reviews. Some trainers believe the additional cushioning can be beneficial for comfort, especially for beginners or those with joint issues. However, others argue that too much cushioning can diminish force transfer and stability.


Trainers often note the versatility of the Court Royale, which is suitable for various gym activities beyond just lifting. However, they caution that dedicated weightlifting shoes would be more appropriate for specialized lifting, particularly Olympic lifting.


The consensus is that these shoes are durable and withstand regular gym use, making them a cost-effective option for standard lifters.

Making The Decision: Is Nike Court Royale The Right Fit For Your Lifting Routine?

Deciding whether the Nike Court Royale suits a lifting routine is something I’ve evaluated based on personal experience and the specific needs of weightlifting. When I integrated the Nike Court Royale into my fitness routine, I was initially attracted to its versatility for various gym activities, including lifting.

Nike Court Royale is a solid choice for those with diverse workouts, including light to moderate lifting. Its comfort and stability are great for general gym activities. However, a more specialized lifting shoe might be more appropriate for those primarily focused on heavy or technical lifting. My experience underlines the importance of matching footwear to the specific requirements of your lifting regimen.


Although they may not be optimal for lifting, my experience with Nike Court Royales has been positive. The shoes also offer plenty of cushioning where needed and have held up very well to a great deal of use. For those looking for an affordable shoe option for weightlifting or any type of gym-related activity, the Court Royals can offer a solid solution. Going forward, I’d recommend experimenting with different shoes if you find that the Nike Court Royales need to provide the support you need; sometimes, changing something small, like your footwear, can make you achieve your desired results!

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