It’s no secret that your choice of footwear can make or break your skateboarding experience. When finding the best pair of sneakers for shredding, most people think of Converse first. But the question still arises of whether your Converse is good for skateboarding. 

After experimenting with numerous types of footwear and seeing how each pair performs on my board, I can tell you about skating in Converse. Today, I’ll review some features you should look for to ensure you get just the right kind.

In a nutshell, Converse sneakers are great for skateboarding. A wide range of footwear is available from Converse, including skate shoes from the Converse CONS collection. These shoes are specifically designed for skateboarding and contain many features that make them perfect for this activity.

What Makes Converse Shoes Good for Skateboarding?

I’ve always been looking for the perfect pair of shoes that can keep up with the demands of the sport. After trying various brands, I’ve found that Converse shoes stand out for several reasons.

Excellent Grip:

The flat soles of Converse shoes provide superb traction on the skateboard. This feature became evident one summer when I struggled with a kickflip. The extra grip made a noticeable difference when I switched to Converse. It felt like my feet were more ‘in tune’ with the board, allowing for better control and stability.


Skateboarding is hard on shoes, but Converse is built tough. I remember skating daily at a local park, where my maneuvers often involved abrasive surfaces. While other shoes quickly showed signs of distress, my Converse endured much longer. Their resilience not only improved my performance but also proved to be cost-effective in the long run.

Iconic Style:

The classic look of Converse shoes is synonymous with skateboarding culture. Wearing them always gave me a sense of identity and belonging within the community. They’re not just functional; they make a statement.


Despite the rigorous demands of skateboarding, Converse shoes have consistently provided comfort. I recall a day-long skateboarding session where my feet could have been sore and exhausted. However, thanks to the cushioning and support of my Converse, my feet felt surprisingly good even after hours of skating.

From my experience, Converse shoes excel in skateboarding due to their grip, durability, style, and comfort. They have significantly enhanced my skateboarding expertise, helping me progress and enjoy the sport to its fullest.

Pros and Cons- Summarizing the Suitability of Converse for Skateboarding:

Reflecting on my experiences as a skateboarder, I’ve come to appreciate the unique aspects of Converse sneakers, both their strengths and limitations, in the context of skateboarding. Here’s a summary of my thoughts, shaped by personal experiences:

Pros of Converse for Skateboarding:

Excellent Board Feel:

The flat sole of Converse provides a fantastic connection with the skateboard. This feature helped me improve my technique, especially with flip tricks, due to the enhanced board control.

Flexibility and Freedom of Movement:

The low-top design, typical of many Converse shoes, offers excellent ankle mobility. This was particularly noticeable when performing tricks that required a full range of ankle movement.

Style and Culture:

There’s no denying the iconic status of Converse in the skate and street culture. Wearing them at the skatepark always felt like a nod to a rich cultural heritage.

Cons of Converse for Skateboarding:

Minimal Cushioning:

The lack of substantial cushioning in Converse can be a drawback. I vividly remember landing a high jump and feeling a jarring impact on my feet and legs, making me wish for more shock absorption.

Limited Ankle Support:

While the low-top design aids in flexibility, it lacks ankle support. During a complex trick, I slightly twisted my ankle, a moment that made me wish for the extra support that high-tops offer.

I’ve tried various skateboarding shoes, including Converse and other popular brands. Each brand brings something unique, and comparing them based on my experiences has been enlightening.


Style and Heritage:

Converse, especially the Chuck Taylors, are iconic. Their style and cultural heritage in the skateboarding community are unmatched. I remember wearing them and feeling a strong sense of belonging to the skate culture.

Board Feel:

They offer an excellent board feel, which I found great for technical tricks.

Durability and Cushioning:

However, their cushioning is less impressive. The canvas wears out quickly, and the minimal cushioning is a downside for high-impact skating.


Durability and Grip:

Vans, particularly its Pro Skate line, is known for its durability. The waffle sole grips the board well, something I appreciate when skating in busy parks.


They also tend to have better cushioning than Converse, which I found helpful during long skate sessions.

Style Variety:

Vans offers various styles, from classics to more modern designs.

Nike SB:

Advanced Technology:

Nike SB incorporates more advanced technologies for cushioning and durability. I remember being impressed by the level of comfort and support they provided.


These are high-performance shoes, and I felt a noticeable difference in support during intensive skating.


While they have a distinct look, they might lack the classic skate shoe aesthetic that some skaters prefer.

Adidas Skateboarding:

Comfort and Support: 

Adidas skate shoes are generally comfortable and supportive. I found their insoles and cushioning superior, which was a relief during high-impact landings.

Style and Functionality:

They balance style and functionality well, offering a modern look without compromising performance.


Skater-Driven Design:

Emerica is deeply rooted in skate culture, and its shoes are designed with direct input from skaters. This was evident in the ergonomic fit and functionality of their shoes.


They are durable and offer good protection, which I value in rougher skate environments. Each brand has its strengths and weaknesses. My experiences with these brands have shaped my understanding of what to look for in skateboarding shoes, depending on the skating style and personal preferences.

Improving Your Skateboarding Experience with Converse:

Here are some of the ways I improved my skateboarding experience with Converse:

Adding Insoles for Better Cushioning:

After a few sessions where I felt the strain on my feet from high impacts, I inserted additional cushioning insoles. This made a significant difference, especially during long skateboarding sessions and when performing high-impact tricks.

Reinforcing High-Wear Areas:

I noticed the canvas upper started to wear out quickly, particularly in areas prone to frequent contact with the grip tape. T began reinforcing these areas with shoe goo or duct tape. To counter this, This DIY approach extended the life of my shoes considerably.

Choosing the Right Model:

Converse offers different models; some are better suited for skateboarding than others. For instance, the Converse CONS line, designed with skateboarding in mind, provided better durability and support than the classic Chuck Taylors.

Wearing Ankle Supports:

Due to the low-top design of most Converse skate shoes, I started wearing additional ankle supports when attempting riskier maneuvers. This gave me more confidence in terms of ankle protection.

Accepting Limitations:

Understanding and accepting Converse’s limitations was crucial. I reserved them for sessions where style and board feel were my priorities rather than high-performance or intensive skateboarding.

Regular Maintenance:

Regular cleaning and maintenance of the shoes helped preserve their look and functionality. I made it a habit to clean them after sessions, especially when skating in rough or dirty environments. Incorporating these adaptations allowed me to continue enjoying Converse in my skateboarding journey.


Overall, Converse sneakers can be an excellent option for skateboarding and adding style to your riding. It is essential to remember that they can provide you with less protection than a more technical sneaker. However, it may be perfect if skateboarding is more about the look than a severe activity for you. So, if you’re looking for a reliable shoe that won’t disappoint you while skating, try Converse!

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