Whether you’re dealing with foot pain or discomfort when wearing shoes, it’s important to find footwear that is designed for maximum comfort and support. Orthofeet is a well-known brand of shoes that are designed with special features to make them comfortable and supportive.

But before investing your money in a pair of Orthofeet shoes, you may be wondering whether they run true to size. We will provide all the details about sizing Orthofeet shoes so you can choose the best fit possible for your feet!

Orthofeet Shoes is a reputable brand renowned for its commitment to comfort and quality. The company specializes in designing footwear that alleviates discomfort associated with various foot conditions and improves mobility for those with specific footwear needs.

Orthofeet shoes are generally known for their reliable sizing. Most consumers find that these shoes run true to size, providing a comfortable and appropriate fit when ordering their usual shoe size. However, as with any brand, minor variations can occur due to the style or design of specific models.

Orthofeet Sizing Chart - A Comprehensive Guide:

The Orthofeet sizing chart serves as an essential guide to finding the right fit. It typically includes not only the length but also the width, arch support level, and sometimes even recommendations for specific foot conditions like plantar fasciitis or diabetes.

Key Features of the Chart:

Length Measurement:

Orthofeet usually offers sizes in both US and EU metrics, sometimes also including UK sizes. This is especially helpful for international buyers who may be accustomed to different sizing standards.

Width Options:

What sets Orthofeet apart is the range of width options, from Narrow (N) to Medium (M) to Wide (W) and Extra Wide (XW or WW). This feature is crucial for individuals with specific width requirements.

Arch Support Information:

Some charts also go a step further by detailing the level of arch support provided, which is crucial for people with flat feet, high arches, or specific medical conditions.

Foot Conditions: 

Advanced charts may even categorize shoes based on the types of foot conditions they are designed to alleviate, such as bunions, hammertoes, or neuropathy.

Gender-Specific Info:

Orthofeet often offers gender-specific charts since men’s and women’s feet have anatomical differences that can affect sizing.

Comparing Orthofeet Shoe Sizes with Other Brands:

When it comes to buying shoes, particularly those designed for specific foot issues or orthopedic needs, understanding how sizing varies between brands can make a world of difference. Below are several key points to consider when comparing Orthofeet sizes with those of other brands.

Toe Box Comparison:

Orthofeet often designs shoes with a roomier toe box to accommodate issues like bunions or hammertoes. This feature can make the shoes feel larger than similar sizes from brands with a more narrow design.

Width Flexibility:

The availability of multiple width options makes Orthofeet versatile compared to brands that only offer standard width sizes.


Orthofeet sizes generally align well with standard US, UK, and EU sizes, but given the spacious design aimed at comfort and health, some users might feel the shoes run a bit large. Always compare the length of your foot in centimeters or inches to the brand’s specific sizing chart.

Additional Room for Inserts:

Orthofeet shoes are often designed with additional volume in the insole area to accommodate custom orthotic inserts. If you do not plan to use orthotic inserts, this extra room might make the shoe feel larger than similar sizes from other brands.

Specialized Needs:

Brands focusing on athletic wear, casual wear, or formal wear might not provide the depth and support that Orthofeet offers. Hence, the size that feels “just right” in another brand may lack the support or additional features that you’d find in Orthofeet.

How to Choose the Right Size for Your Orthofeet Shoes?

Always begin by checking the brand’s sizing chart and measuring your foot accordingly.

  • If you have wider or narrower feet, take advantage of the multiple-width options that Orthofeet offers.
  • Consider the primary reason you’re buying Orthofeet shoes. Is it for walking, athletic activity, or relief from a specific foot condition? The purpose could influence the best size for you.
  • Reviews can offer insights into whether certain styles run true to size or tend to be larger or smaller than expected.
  • If you plan to use orthotic inserts, factor this into your sizing decision, as it can affect the overall fit.

Tips for Perfect-Fitting Orthofeet Shoes:

  • If you have specific medical foot issues, it may be advisable to consult a podiatrist for specialized sizing advice.
  • Measure your feet in the afternoon when they are at their largest to get the most accurate size.
  • If possible, visit a retail location to try on different sizes and styles. Wear the socks you plan to use with the shoes for the most accurate fit.
  • For any lingering questions or if you’re between sizes, contact Orthofeet’s customer service for further clarification.
  • Before you confirm your purchase, be fully aware of the return and exchange policy, which will allow you to send back any ill-fitting shoes without hassle.

By carefully considering all these factors and using the available resources, you can ensure that you pick the perfect pair of Orthofeet shoes for your needs, whether they’re medical, athletic, or simply for everyday comfort.


After looking into the details, it’s clear that Orthofeet shoes tend to run true to size but just slightly on the bigger side. It’s important to be aware that sizing could fluctuate depending on what style of shoe you purchase as well as whether a wide option is available or not.

Most importantly for those considering purchasing a pair of Orthofeet shoes, make sure you both check out the size and width charts available online as well as try on different styles until you find your perfect fit. So with some patience, you can rest assured that your walking will be much more enjoyable in the long run!

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