So, you’ve got your sights set on some Melissa Shoes, but before taking the plunge and buying that perfect pair, if you’re wondering whether these shoes run small or not, then you’re not alone.

Many of us have been there when it comes to deciding whether or not a pair of shoes will fit us as well as we hope they will. To help put your mind at ease and make sure you feel confident in purchasing Melissa Shoes online, we will take a look at sizing tips specific to this famous brand’s shoes. From there, we can get a better idea of what size shoe may fit best!

When it comes to sizing, Melissa Shoes has a reputation for running true to size. However, because they are made from a specific PVC material, they may feel a bit snug when first worn. This is normal, and with time, the material will give and mold to the shape of your foot for a comfortable fit. If you are between sizes, it’s usually recommended to go up to the nearest whole size to ensure a comfortable fit.

Deciphering The Melissa Shoes Size Chart:

Understanding the Melissa Shoes size chart can be your first step towards a comfortable and stylish experience. Here’s a general guide:

US Sizing:

Typically available from 5 to 10 (women) and may include half sizes.

EU Sizing:

Generally ranges from 35 to 41.


Some charts may also provide the length of the insole in centimeters or inches for more accurate fitting.

Remember, the brand’s unique material may offer some stretch, so read any additional sizing tips provided by Melissa or the retailer.

Comparative Analysis: Melissa Shoes Sizing vs. Other Brands

1. Material Differences:

Melissa Shoes: Primarily made from Melflex plastic, Melissa Shoes often have a more snug fit initially but may stretch slightly with wear.

Other Brands: Traditional materials like leather and fabric may give a little more over time, providing a different fit and feel.

2. Sizing Scale:

Melissa Shoes:

Typically follow a Brazilian sizing scale, which might differ from the U.S., UK, or European sizing that many are accustomed to.

Other Brands:

Usually use standard U.S., UK, or EU sizing, which can make it easier to find a direct size comparison.

3. Width:

Melissa Shoes:

Generally have a standard width, but the plastic material may not be as forgiving as leather or fabric for those with wider feet.

Other Brands:

Often offer multiple width options like narrow, medium, and wide.

4. Half Sizes:

Melissa Shoes:

Many styles don’t come in half sizes.

Other Brands:

More likely to offer half sizes, providing a more precise fit.

5. Consistency:

Melissa Shoes:

Sizing can be consistent across different styles, making it easier to find your size once you know it.

Other Brands:

Sizing may vary significantly between styles or even within the same brand.

Finding Your Perfect Fit - Tips for Sizing Melissa Shoes:

  • For the most accurate sizing, measure both your feet in centimeters and compare it with the brand’s size chart.
  • Melissa’s Melflex plastic may feel snug initially but can stretch slightly. If you’re between sizes, you might opt for the smaller size.
  • Customer reviews can provide real-world insights into how the shoes fit. Look for reviews that mention sizing specifically.
  • Ensure the brand has a good return or exchange policy before making a purchase, especially if you’re trying a new style or are unsure of your size.
  • If possible, trying on a pair in-store can give you the best idea of your perfect fit.
  • Some styles like sandals or open-toed shoes may have a more forgiving fit compared to closed-toed flats or heels.
  • Melflex plastic tends to give a little over time, so wear them around the house before taking them out for an extended period.
  • If you find yourself between sizes, consider using insoles or heel grips to achieve a more customized fit.

By understanding how Melissa Shoes sizes compare to other brands and taking the time to measure and assess your specific needs, you’re more likely to find a pair of Melissa Shoes that are both stylish and comfortable.

Are Melissa’s Shoes Sustainable?

Melissa Shoes has made significant strides in the sustainability arena. Known for its distinctive jelly shoes, the brand is committed to eco-friendly practices throughout its production process. The shoes are made from a recyclable, hypo-allergenic PVC material, known as Melflex, which releases fewer emissions during production compared to other plastics.

 Melissa Shoes also utilizes a closed-loop water cooling system in their factories to save water. Additionally, they have a recycling program where customers can return worn-out pairs to be repurposed, further indicating the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

Exploring The Factors: Why Might Melissa Shoes Run Small?

The sizing of Melissa Shoes might differ from other brands due to several factors that contribute to their unique fit. If you’ve noticed that Melissa Shoes tend to run small, here are some reasons that could explain why:

1. Material: Melflex Plastic


Melissa Shoes are primarily made from Melflex plastic, a patented, hypoallergenic, and recyclable form of PVC. While Melflex is somewhat flexible, it may not have the same “give” as materials like leather or fabric.

Initial Snugness:

Because Melflex is less pliable initially, the shoes might feel tighter at first.

Limited Stretch:

Over time, Melflex may stretch a bit, but not to the same extent as leather or fabric.

2. Design Aesthetics:

Slim Profile:

Melissa’s design aesthetics often aim for a sleek, streamlined look, which could translate to a narrower fit overall.

Limited Sizes:

The brand might not offer as many width options as others, making the available sizes feel more restrictive.

3. Manufacturing Standards:

Brazilian Sizing:

Melissa Shoes originate from Brazil, and the sizing may be based on Brazilian standards, which can differ from those in the U.S., Europe, or other parts of the world.

Consistency Across Styles:

While consistency is generally good, it may also mean that if one style runs small, others might as well.

Knowing these factors can help you better understand why Melissa Shoes might run small and how to make a more informed choice when selecting your size.


Ultimately, there is no definitive answer when it comes to Melissa’s shoes running small. Your best bet is to try on a pair and see how they fit! Apart from the standard sizes, Melissa releases special shoes in extra-small (XS) sizes so if you find normal sizes too large, be sure to check those out! When shopping online for Melissa shoes, read through customer reviews to determine their actual size. Moreover, some of the retailer sites provide additional sizing guides that can give you helpful information. Most importantly, take time when selecting a pair of Melissa shoes; don’t rush into any decision, and make sure it fits your needs properly before purchasing. 

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