The art of lacing Huaraches is a lesson in footwear fashion and a doorway into understanding a rich cultural tradition. When I stared at my first pair’s complicated lacing system, I was in the same position as you, not knowing where to begin. There were a lot of fumbles, stumbles, and mistakes that I made. 

But each misstep was a stepping stone to mastering the technique. Today, I can lace my Huaraches quickly and precisely, and the process has become second nature. Join me as I share the insights I have gained on this journey and guide you through the essential steps to lacing your Huaraches with ease. Let’s embrace this unique art form together!

Materials Needed for Lacing Huaraches - A Quick Checklist:

When I decided to lace my huaraches for the first time, I realized it’s not just about threading a lace through some holes. There’s a bit of art and finesse to it. From my experience, here’s a checklist of what you’ll need:

  • Leather Laces
  • Scissors
  • Soft Cloth
  • Leather Conditioner (optional)

Step-by-Step Instructions to Lace Huaraches - Your How-To Guide:

Lacing huaraches can be an art, and getting it right enhances the comfort and style of these traditional sandals. Here’s a step-by-step guide, based on my personal experience, on how to lace huaraches effectively:

Step 1- Prepare Your Huaraches and Laces:

  • Before you start, make sure your huaraches are clean. A quick wipe-down can remove any dirt or debris.
  • Opt for leather laces for durability and authenticity. I’ve tried other types, but leather laces provide the best look and feel.

Step 2- Start at the Toe:

Begin by threading the lace through the toe hole or loop. I like to start with an equal length of lace on each side to keep things balanced.

Step 3- Crisscross Lacing:

Cross the laces over the top of the foot, threading them through the corresponding holes or loops on either side. The first time I did this, I found keeping the tension even but not too tight helpful.

Step 4- Secure the Heel:

Once you reach the ankle, wrap the laces around the back of the heel. This step was a game-changer for me in terms of fit and comfort.

Step 5- Final Adjustments:

This is crucial. Walk around a bit to see how the laces feel. Adjust the tension if necessary. I learned that it’s better to have them snug but not constricting.

Step 6- Tie Off the Laces:

Finally, tie the laces in a secure knot or bow at the front or back, depending on your preference. I prefer tying them in and connecting them for easy adjustments.

Common Lacing Techniques for Huaraches:

Each method offers a unique look and feel, and I’ve experimented with several to find what works best for me. Here are some standard lacing techniques for huaraches, along with a personal experience I had with each:

Traditional Crisscross Lacing:

This is the most common method. You simply crisscross the laces over each other. It’s straightforward and offers a classic look. I remember the first time I tried this method; getting the tension right was tricky, but it felt incredibly comfortable once I did.

Loop Lacing:

In this technique, you create small loops with the lace before threading it through the next set of holes. It’s decorative and functional. It was initially challenging but added a stylish twist to my huaraches.

Straight Bar Lacing:

HeTheace runs straight across each pair of holes, creating a clean, horizontal look. I tried this once for a more modern aesthetic. It wasn’t as secure as the crisscross method but it looked sleek.

Ladder Lacing:

Ladder Lacing involves lacing the shoes in a way that resembles a ladder. I found it quite time-consuming, but the final look was worth the effort. It was a great conversation starter at a gathering I attended.

Back-and-Forth Lacing:

This involves threading the lace back and forth at each set of holes. I experimented with this for a more unique look. The methods felt looser, but it was perfect for casual outings.

Tips and Tricks for Comfortable and Secure Huarache Lacing:

I’ve picked up several tips and tricks along the way to ensure both comfort and security. With their unique design and lacing style, huaraches can be challenging initially, but with these pointers, you’ll find them as comfortable and stylish as I do. Here are my go-to strategies:

Start with the Right Lace Length:

I once used too short laces, making it difficult to tie them comfortably. Ensure your laces are long enough to allow for adjustments but not so long that they become cumbersome.

Even Tension is Key:

Apply even tension across the laces. This prevents uncomfortable pressure points. I learned this the hard way when I laced one side too tight, leading to discomfort after wearing them for a few hours.

Consider Your Foot’s Arch:

If you have high arches, like me, allow a little more give in the midsection of the lacing. This prevents the laces from cutting into your foot and ensures a snug, comfortable fit.

Secure the Heel Properly:

It’s essential to lace around the heel securely. The first time I wore huaraches, the heel was too loose, causing my foot to slide around. Adjust the laces so they comfortably hold your heel in place.

Choose the Right Knot:

A secure knot is crucial. I prefer a bow knot that I can easily untie. This simplifies taking the huaraches off or adjusting them throughout the day.

Regularly Adjust and Re-tie:

Leather laces tend to stretch and loosen over time. I make it a habit to adjust and re-tie my laces occasionally, especially before a long walk.

These tips have greatly improved my huarache-wearing experience, making them a go-to footwear choice for comfort and style. Remember, each pair of feet is unique, so feel free to tweak these suggestions to suit your needs!

Customizing Your Huaraches - Exploring Creative Lacing Styles:

With their unique design and cultural significance, Huaraches are not just footwear but a canvas for personal expression. Customizing them through creative lacing styles can transform these traditional sandals into a unique fashion statement.

Traditional vs. Modern Lacing:

The journey into customizing huaraches begins with understanding the difference between traditional lacing styles, which focus on functionality and simplicity, and modern variations incorporating more flair and personalization.

Experimenting with Colors and Materials:

Experimentation is key. Trying out laces of different colors, textures, and materials can dramatically change the look of the sandals. For instance, brightly colored nylon laces can add a contemporary twist, while leather laces maintain a classic, rustic feel.

Innovative Lacing Patterns:

Beyond the materials, the lacing pattern itself can be a form of art. From simple crisscrosses to intricate designs that wrap around the ankle or even up the calf, each pattern changes the huaraches' aesthetic, fit, and comfort.

Themed Designs:

Themed designs can be a fun way to customize huaraches. For example, lacing them with colors matching a favorite sports team or using beadwork for a bohemian look can reflect personal interests and styles.

Balancing Style and Comfort:

While experimenting with styles, it’s important to balance aesthetics with comfort and functionality. A visually striking lacing design that doesn’t secure the sandal well or causes discomfort won’t be practical for regular wear.

Finally, sharing your custom designs on social media or with a community of huarache enthusiasts can provide inspiration and ideas. It’s a way to connect with others who share a passion for these unique sandals and to showcase your creativity.


Lacing up your Huaraches doesn’t have to be complicated. With complicated experimentation, you can find the combination of eyelets and lace lengths that work best for you. Don’t be afraid to try something new or different if the conventional classic look isn’t doing it for you. I know I faced quite a few problems while trying out various lacing patterns of my Huaraches, from too tight to uncomfortable around my ankle; however, with a little trial and error, I found solutions that worked for me. From now on, when someone asks me how to lace up Huaraches, I confidently tell them to experiment and not give up!

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