With summer around the corner, many of us are wondering what types of footwear will best suit the warmer weather. You may want to consider, the trusty chukka boot but not sure whether you can wear them in summer or not.

Last summer though, I decided to ditch my usual sneakers and give the boots a shot. To my surprise, not only did my feet feel comfortable the entire day but the boots also went with most of my outfits seamlessly.

Ever since that experience, I’ve been a firm believer that yes, chukka boots can indeed be worn in the summer, if you pick the right pair and keep certain tips in mind. Over time, I’ve discovered some hacks that have helped me style chukkas confidently, and I’m excited to share them with you in this post!

When to Wear Chukka Boots - Decoding the Versatility of Chukka Boots:

Chukka boots are versatile footwear that can be worn in a variety of settings, but they are particularly well-suited for casual and business casual occasions. Here are some guidelines on when to wear chukka boots:

Casual Setting- Perfect for a Relaxed Look:

Chukka boots shine in casual settings. Be it an outing with friends or a laid-back Sunday brunch, these boots blend style with comfort. I frequently pair my leather Chukka boots with jeans and a simple tee for a relaxed, effortless look. They add a certain flair to the outfit without being overly flashy.

Formal Events- Adding a Unique Touch:

While Chukka boots are traditionally associated with casual wear, they can also complement formal attire. I discovered this during a business meeting for which I had packed everything but my formal shoes. I decided to wear my dark brown Chukka boots with my suit. To my surprise, they blended in seamlessly, adding a unique touch to my formal ensemble.

Winter Wear- A Reliable Choice:

As a winter wardrobe staple, Chukka boots offer both warmth and safety. Their high-top design provides essential warmth, while their sturdy sole offers excellent traction on snowy or icy surfaces. I distinctly remember walking through a snowstorm; my Chukka boots kept my feet dry and warm throughout the ordeal.

Travel Companions- For Comfort and Style:

One of my most cherished memories with my Chukka boots was during a trip to Europe. They proved to be excellent travel companions comfortable for long walks, stylish for photos, and versatile enough to match different outfits and occasions. Whether I was exploring the cobblestone streets of Rome or attending a fancy dinner in Paris, my Chukka boots were always a reliable choice.

My journey with Chukka boots has taught me that it’s less about when to wear them and more about how you wear them. With the right outfit and a dash of confidence, you can make your Chukka boots work in any scenario.

Why Chukka Boots for Summer? Advantages and Considerations:

As a style enthusiast, I’ve found that chukka boots are a wonderful addition to my summer wardrobe. Here’s why I love chukka boots for summer, along with some considerations based on my personal experiences:


Chukka boots are incredibly versatile. I’ve paired them with everything from casual jeans and a t-shirt to more dressed-up summer dresses. They can take an outfit from day to night effortlessly, which is a huge advantage for me.


One of the biggest benefits of chukka boots in the summer is their breathability. Many chukkas are made of suede or other lightweight materials, which allows for air circulation and keeps my feet cool.


Chukka boots are known for their comfort. With their ankle-high design and minimal lacing, they’re easy to slip on and off. This is especially beneficial during summer travels when I’m frequently changing shoes or going through airport security.


There’s something undeniably stylish about chukka boots. They add a touch of elegance to any outfit without being overly formal. I’ve received numerous compliments on my chukkas during summer gatherings!

While chukka boots have many advantages, there are a few considerations to keep in mind:

Weather-appropriate Material:

In hot and humid conditions, I opt for chukka boots made of lighter materials like canvas or perforated leather. These materials are breathable and comfortable for long summer days.

Color Choice:

Lighter colors tend to be more suitable for summer. I usually go for shades like beige, tan, or light grey, which reflect heat rather than absorb it.

Sock Selection:

Choosing the right socks is crucial. I opt for thin, moisture-wicking socks to keep my feet dry and comfortable.

Chukka boots are a fantastic choice for summer. They offer comfort, breathability, and timeless style. With a few considerations in mind, you can make the most of these versatile boots during the warm summer months!

Can Chukka Boots Be Worn with a Suit?

You can wear chukka boots with a suit, yes. Chukka boots are a fantastic substitute for standard dress shoes and may infuse a formal ensemble with a hint of casual sophistication.

It’s crucial to select the appropriate color and material when pairing chukka boots with a suit. Choose smooth, polished suede or leather in a muted shade of black or brown. Keep in mind that too casual fabrics, such as canvas or faded leather, can take away from the suit’s formal appearance.

Wear a well-tailored suit in a neutral hue, such as gray or navy, with your chukka boots. To finish the ensemble, add a dapper white shirt and a timeless tie. You might choose a tie with a striking color or pattern to give your ensemble a little individuality.

Style Guide: How to Pair Chukka Boots with Summer Outfits?

Here’s my style guide on how to effortlessly pair chukka boots with an array of chic summer outfits:

Chukkas with Shorts:

Contrary to common belief, chukka boots can be paired with shorts for a stylish and laid-back look. I typically choose chino shorts, combining them with a lightweight button-down shirt to achieve a smart-casual aesthetic. The key is to select shorts that hit above the knee, ensuring a well-balanced proportion.

Chukkas with Jeans:

The timeless combination of chukka boots and jeans gets a summer update with light-wash denim. To enhance the relaxed vibe, I prefer rolling up the cuffs to showcase the chukkas and infuse a touch of summery flair.

Chukkas with Linen Trousers:

Embracing the summer staple of linen trousers, I opt for light, neutral colors such as beige or white. Suede chukka boots effortlessly complement this choice, resulting in a stylish and breezy ensemble.

Chukkas with a Midi Dress:

For a feminine and unexpected twist, I love pairing chukka boots with a midi dress. Flowy, floral dresses create a captivating contrast against the ruggedness of the boots, ensuring that heads turn wherever I go.

Chukkas with a Denim Skirt:

A denim skirt coupled with chukka boots results in a fun and youthful outfit. Adding a loose, airy blouse keeps the look light and perfectly suited for the summer vibe.

Care Tips- Maintaining Your Chukka Boots in Summer Heat:

As someone who loves wearing chukka boots, especially in the summer, I’ve learned a thing or two about maintaining them in the heat. Here are some care tips based on my personal experiences:

Regular Cleaning:

In the summer, dust and dirt can easily accumulate on your boots due to more outdoor activities. I make it a habit to clean my chukka boots regularly with a soft brush or damp cloth to keep them looking their best.

Protect from Sun Damage:

Just like our skin, leather can get damaged by excessive sun exposure. I learned this the hard way when one of my favorite pairs faded significantly after being left out in the sun. Now, I always make sure to store my boots in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Moisturize Your Boots:

The heat can dry out the leather of your boots, causing them to crack. To prevent this, I often apply a leather conditioner to my boots. It keeps them moisturized and extends their life.

Water Protection:

Summer showers can catch you off guard. I once got caught in a downpour while wearing my suede chukkas, which led to water stains. Since then, I’ve started using a water-repellent spray on my boots to protect them from unexpected rain.

Give Them a Break:

Wearing your boots continuously in the heat can cause them to lose their shape due to sweat. I try to rotate my footwear, giving my chukka boots a day or two to breathe and retain their shape.

Use Cedar Shoe Trees:

Cedar shoe trees have been a game-changer for me. They help maintain the shape of my boots, absorb moisture, and even combat any unpleasant odors - a common issue in the summer heat.

Maintaining chukka boots in the summer heat can be a bit challenging, but with these tips, you can ensure that your boots stay in top condition. After all, well-cared-for boots not only look good but also last much longer!


With the right materials and approaches, you can make this classic style work with even the hottest summer weather. I have learned that I can wear chukka boots while enjoying the weather and looking stylish at the same time. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are certain pitfalls to avoid when wearing them in the summer heat because chukka boots can be quite warm. So grab your favorite pair of chukka boots and enjoy styling them for any season.

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