Life can be tricky at times, especially when dealing with counterfeit items. Whether it be purses, electronics, or even shoes, not knowing the difference between a genuine and a fake item can cost you more than just money. It can cost you valuable time, too!

That’s why we’ve put together this post to help shoegazers learn how to spot fake On Cloud Shoes everywhere. We’ll cover everything from identifying questionable design features to understanding the materials used to construct an authentic shoe for superior performance. Arm yourself with knowledge and never make another mistake so that you stay safe and your wallet stays secure!

Top 6 Physical Traits to Spot A Fake On Cloud Shoe:

If you’re looking for genuine On Cloud shoes, it’s crucial to distinguish the real deal from fakes. Here are the top physical traits to help you spot a counterfeit pair:

Outsole CloudTec® Design:


On Cloud, shoes are known for their unique outsole made of “clouds” – hollow pods that provide cushioning. These pods should be well-defined, evenly spaced, and made of high-quality rubber.


Counterfeit versions might have unevenly spaced pods, inferior rubber quality, or a different number of pods than genuine models.

Brand Logo Aand Labels:


The On Cloud logo on authentic shoes is crisp, clear, and precisely positioned. Inside the shoe, the label detailing size, manufacturing details, and brand name should be neatly stitched or glued without haphazard placements or typos.


Fakes might have blurry logos, incorrect font types, or misspelled words. The placement of logos might need to be more consistent or accurate.

Material Quality:


On Cloud uses high-quality materials, whether breathable mesh for uppers or durable rubber for outsoles. The materials should feel premium to the touch and should be well-stitched.


Counterfeit shoes may use subpar materials that feel cheap. Stitching might be uneven, or there could be visible glue marks.

Insole Technology:


On Cloud, shoes feature an insole designed for superior comfort and support, often with brand-specific technology and labeling evident.


Fake versions might have generic ones that lack the comfort technology of genuine On Cloud shoes. They should also include the specific brand detailing.

5. To verify and Eyelets:


On Cloud laces are durable and often have a unique design or pattern specific to the model. The eyelets (holes for the laces) are consistently spaced and reinforced.


Counterfeit shoes might use generic laces that don’t match the quality or design of genuine On Cloud laces. The material is evenly spaced or needs more reinforcement.

Overall Craftsmanship:


On Cloud, shoes will showcase meticulous craftsmanship. Stitching will be even, and there should be no unnecessary protrusions, loose threads, or misaligned components.


Counterfeit versions may show poor craftsmanship, including uneven stitching, misalignment of components, or poor finishing touches.

Apart from these physical traits, always consider the source when purchasing. Buying from reputable retailers or directly from On Cloud’s official website is the best way to ensure authenticity. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Price Analysis: How Cost Can Indicate if You Are On Cloud Shoes Are Genuine?

Cost is a crucial indicator in determining the authenticity of On Cloud shoes. Genuine On Cloud shoes fall within a specific price range, often around $130 to $160, depending on the model. If a pair is significantly cheaper, say less than $80, it may be a red flag indicating that the shoes could be counterfeit.

However, price should not be the sole factor in determining authenticity. It’s also essential to consider other indicators, such as the quality of materials, design details, and the seller’s reputation. Be wary of deals that seem too good to be true, as they often are.

Vendor Verification - Ensuring Your On Cloud Shoes Supplier Is Legitimate:

Vendor verification is a critical step in ensuring the authenticity of your On Cloud shoes. Legitimate vendors often have a documented history of successful transactions and positive customer feedback. You can verify your supplier’s reputation by checking customer reviews and ratings on the vendor’s website or third-party review sites.

Also, look for affiliations or certifications from recognized institutions that can further vouch for their reliability. One effective way to verify a vendor is by contacting On Cloud’s customer service to confirm whether the seller is an authorized dealer. Always remember buying from a verified and trusted source is an effective way to avoid falling victim to counterfeit products.

Online Shopping Tips - Avoiding Fake On Cloud Shoes When Buying Online:

When shopping for trendy brands like On Cloud, avoiding counterfeit products is crucial. Here are some online shopping tips to help you avoid fake On Cloud shoes:

Buy From Official Websites or Authorized Retailers:

Always consider purchasing directly from On Cloud’s official website. If buying from other online retailers, ensure they are authorized sellers. Cloud’s official website often provides a list of authorized dealers.

Check Reviews And Seller Ratings:

Look at reviews and ratings of the seller or online store before purchasing. Genuine sellers often have a high rating and positive reviews from multiple buyers over extended periods. Beware of sellers with numerous recent reviews in a short span, as these can sometimes be fake.

Scrutinize Product Photos:

Analyze the product photos provided. Authentic sellers often provide high-resolution, clear images from multiple angles. Please compare these images with those from the official On Cloud website.

Read Product Descriptions Thoroughly:

Genuine sellers typically provide detailed product descriptions, including materials used, technology, and other specifications. Be cautious if the description needs to be more specific or has many spelling and grammatical errors.

Consider The Price:

While everyone loves a good deal, be wary if the price seems too good. Meager prices can be a red flag for counterfeit products. However, don’t assume a higher price guarantees authenticity. Always verify other aspects as well.

Check Return And Warranty Policies:

Authentic products often have a manufacturer’s warranty or return policy.

Counterfeit sellers might not offer returns or might have very vague return policies.

Secure Payment Methods:

Ensure the website uses secure payment methods, signified by “https://” in the website URL or a padlock symbol in the address bar. Avoid sellers who request direct bank transfers or other unsecured payment methods.

Reporting Fakes: How To Take Action Against Counterfeit On Cloud Shoes Sellers?

  • If you suspect you’ve received counterfeit shoes, take clear photos of the product, focusing on logos, labels, soles, and other distinguishing features. Also, keep a record of the purchase, including receipts, emails, and website or seller details.
  • Reach out to On Cloud’s official customer service or anti-counterfeit team, providing them with the information and evidence you’ve collected. Brands often have protocols in place to address counterfeit issues.
  • If you purchased the shoes from an online marketplace like Amazon, eBay, or others, report the seller to the platform’s administration, providing evidence of the counterfeit product.
  • Help other potential buyers by leaving a detailed review on the seller’s page, warning others of the counterfeit products. Be objective and provide as much evidence as you can.
  • You can file a dispute or claim to get your money back, depending on where you bought the shoes. Platforms like PayPal, for instance, offer buyer protection against counterfeit goods.
  • Brands might have specific programs or initiatives to combat counterfeiting. Stay informed by following official brand channels or joining community groups that share information about fakes.

Proactively avoiding counterfeit products and acting when encountering them protects your interests and supports legitimate businesses and the broader community.


Fake on-cloud shoes have become increasingly easier to spot due to the availability of detailed product descriptions and high-quality images. You must take the time to carefully review the materials they are made from and verify that all stitching, padding, and finish details measure up before purchasing.

Take it further by researching the shoes online or asking additional questions of the seller before completing your purchase. So, if you’re searching for authentic on-cloud shoes, double-check for certificates of authenticity when offered, and if possible, stock up on special promotions or discounts so you don’t have to break your budget.

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