Pre-ordering can be a great way to ensure you have the newest sneakers, sometimes even days or weeks ahead of everyone else. Whether you’re an avid sneakerhead or simply someone who likes having exclusive items that not many others have, pre-ordering fashionable footwear is a great way to achieve this goal. 

Pre-ordering is a system that allows customers to reserve a product before it’s available for general sale. We’ll show you how easy it is. Here’s a step-by-step guide to understanding the pre-order process:

Announcement & Marketing:

Brands typically start their campaign with teasers, announcements, and ads to create a buzz around the new release.

Product Announcement:

Companies announce the upcoming product, providing details about its features, pricing, and release date.

Marketing Campaigns:

Brands usually ramp up their marketing efforts, using teasers, advertisements, and endorsements to generate buzz and interest.

Pre-order Launch:

The brand or retailer sets a specific date and time when pre-orders will begin, often providing a link or directing customers to their website.

Pre-order Date:

Companies specify when pre-orders will start. This is the date when customers can begin placing reservations for the product.

Pricing & Incentives:

Often, pre-ordering might come with special pricing, bonuses, or exclusive add-ons to incentivize early commitment.

Placing A Pre-order:

Navigate to the product page, choose your size, and add the item to your cart. Complete the checkout process, which might require a full payment or a deposit.

Visit The Platform:

Customers can pre-order products through the company’s official website or other retail platforms.

Select The Product:

Customers choose the specific version, model, or variant they want.

Provide Details:

Personal information, shipping address, and payment details are typically required at this stage.


Some companies might charge you immediately, while others might take payment when the product ships. In some cases, a deposit may be required.


Once the pre-order is placed, customers usually receive a confirmation email detailing the order and expected shipping or release date.

Waiting Period:

This is the timeframe between placing your pre-order and the shoe’s official release date. Some brands provide updates or expected shipping dates.


Some companies provide periodic updates on the product’s status, manufacturing progress, or potential delays.


Most platforms allow you to change your pre-order, like updating the shipping address or canceling the order before it ships.

Product Release:

The official date when the product is available to the general public. By now, pre-order customers might have already secured their pair.

Official Release:

The product becomes available to the general public on the official release date.


For those who pre-ordered, the product typically ships out on or just before the release date, depending on the company’s logistics.

Receiving The Product:

Once shipped, you’ll receive tracking information. Upon arrival, ensure the product matches your order and is defects-free.


Pre-ordered items are delivered to the provided address. Some popular items may arrive on the release day itself.

Post-Delivery Services:

Many companies offer support, warranties, or return periods, even on pre-ordered items.

Feedback & Reviews:

Many companies appreciate feedback, and other customers benefit from your reviews.

Share Experiences:

Early adopters often share their experiences, reviews, and feedback on various platforms, helping others make informed decisions.

Post Pre-order Sales:

After the initial release, some shoes might still be available for regular purchase, often at retail price or sometimes even at a discounted rate if they have yet to sell out.

General Sale:

After the pre-order phase, the product transitions to general sale. Special incentives or bonuses might no longer be available.

Why Pre-order Shoes? The Benefits Explained:

Pre-ordering shoes have become common, especially with limited-edition releases, collaborations, and designer footwear. Here’s a look at the advantages of this approach:

  • Pre-ordering ensures you secure a pair in your size before it sells out. This is particularly beneficial for popular releases where stocks can run out within minutes of launch.
  • Exclusive Designs or Colors: Some brands offer exclusive designs, colors, or styles only for those who pre-order.
  • Brands sometimes incentivize pre-orders with a discounted rate compared to the regular retail price.
  • Pre-ordering can include bonuses like complementary accessories, customizations, or extended warranties.
  • There’s a thrill in being one of the first to receive and wear a new pair of shoes. Pre-ordering often provides that exclusive feeling.
  • Knowing the release date allows customers to manage their finances and budget for the purchase in advance.
  • For shoes anticipated to be highly sought after, prices can skyrocket on the secondary market. Pre-ordering ensures you get the product at the retail price.

Finding and successfully pre-ordering shoes can sometimes be tricky, given the demand and the nuances of online shopping. Here’s a guide to help you navigate:

Sign Up for Newsletters:

Before a pre-order goes live, brands often send notifications or announcements to their mailing list subscribers. Being on this list ensures you’re among the first to know.

Create An Account:

Before the pre-order date, create an account on the retailer’s website. This will expedite checkout, a crucial step when minutes or even seconds count.

Save Your Details:

Ensure your shipping and billing details and preferred payment method are saved on your account. This speeds up the checkout process, reducing the chances of cart abandonment.

Know The Launch Time:

Brands usually specify the exact time a pre-order will go live. Being online a few minutes before ensures you’re ready.

Use Reliable Internet:

Ensure your internet connection is stable. A lost connection during checkout can mean missing out.

Look For Promo Codes:

Sometimes, additional discounts or bonuses are available via promotional codes. It’s worth checking before finalizing the order.

Review Return And Cancellation Policies:

Before pre-ordering, familiarize yourself with the return, exchange, and cancellation policies. This ensures no unpleasant surprises later.

Stay Updated On Social Media:

Brands and other customers often post real-time updates on platforms like Twitter or Instagram. Keeping an eye out can provide insights into stock availability, potential website issues, or additional relevant information.

The Role Of Social Media In Shoe Pre-orders:

The role of social media in shoe pre-orders has evolved tremendously in recent years, becoming an indispensable tool for both brands and consumers. Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have emerged as primary channels for brands to announce new releases, tease upcoming collections, and engage directly with their audience.

For consumers, social media offers firsthand information and provides a space to discuss, speculate, and share insights about upcoming releases with like-minded individuals. 

Moreover, social media has facilitated the rise of secondary marketplaces and sneaker trading communities, where enthusiasts can buy or trade coveted pairs. 

Payment And Shipping: What To Expect When You Pre-order Shoes?

Immediate Payment:

Most retailers require an immediate payment when you pre-order shoes. This payment reserves your pair, ensuring availability upon release.

Payment Authorization:

Some might wait to charge you immediately but will authorize your payment method to ensure funds are available when the time comes.

Shipping Date:

Typically, the estimated shipping date is provided during the pre-order process. This date might be subject to change depending on production or logistics delays.

Shipping Notifications:

Once the shoes are dispatched, most retailers will send a shipping notification with tracking information.

Delayed Shipments:

Occasionally, there might be delays due to production hiccups, quality checks, or transportation issues. Most brands communicate such delays to their customers.

CancellationsAnd Returns - Understanding The Policies For Shoe Pre-orders:

  • Some retailers allow you to cancel your pre-order without penalties if done within a specified timeframe.
  • Return policies for pre-ordered shoes can differ from regular orders. Always read the fine print. Some brands might offer full refunds, while others could provide store credit.
  • If the shoe arrives defective, most companies will replace the product or offer a refund, though reporting the defect promptly is essential.
  • Size or color exchanges for pre-ordered shoes can be tricky, especially for limited releases. Always double-check sizing before ordering and understand the exchange policy.

Troubleshooting Common Issues in Shoe Pre-orders

Website Crashes:

Highly anticipated releases can lead to website overloads. If this happens, remain patient, refresh the page, and try again.

Cart Issues:

Sometimes, a shoe might be available when you add it to your cart but sold out by the time you check out. Speed is of the essence in these scenarios.

Payment Failures:

Ensure your card details are correct and that you have sufficient funds. Keep an alternate payment method handy.

Order Confirmation Delays:

Sometimes, due to high traffic, order confirmation emails might be delayed. Before re-ordering, check your account’s order history or contact customer service.

Communication Breakdown:

If you need clarification on your order’s status, contact customer service. Always keep a record of your correspondence.

Size Or Model Errors:

Upon receiving it, contact the retailer immediately if you realize you’ve got the wrong size or model. Most companies will strive to rectify genuine mistakes.


Knowing how to properly pre-order shoes can be highly beneficial to the buyer. Buyers should remember many tips and tricks to obtain their perfect pair rental or purchase. By keeping an eye out for pre-order prices, shopping around when possible, and being aware of payment methods, sizing charts, delivery dates, and reviews from past customers, shoppers can guarantee they will have a successful Pre pre-order shoe experience that will last a lifetime. Today is the day to take control of your sneaker dreams and make them become reality!

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